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National Security

It is the federal government’s Constitutional duty to protect its citizens. Confronting the threats to our nation's security -- both imminent and long term -- is our top priority. As the 3rd District’s Congressman, I will work tirelessly to make sure Louisville and the United States of America remain secure.

In the aftermath of 9/11, our country faces a unique threat that has forced us to reconfigure our national defenses. The range of possible attacks has grown, and our government must be agile and effective in both prevention and response. The threats are broad and varied, domestic and foreign; we must prepare extensively as a nation to ensure that we can go about our lives free from terror.

After more than two years of inaction, I was proud that my colleagues and I passed the 9/11 Commission's recommendations during the first full week of the 110th Congress. But protecting our country is an ongoing process, and there is much left to do. I am actively focusing on a number of issues, from terrorism to our broken borders. That includes working to ensure that our intelligence community grows, the Department of Homeland Security is strengthened, and our local responders have the resources and support they need. Local responders are the backbone of a security network, and I believe that while we build up our federal defense and response agencies, we must also prepare police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical teams.

Illegal immigration is another complicated and emotional issue, with far-reaching national security implications. We can no longer ignore the need for comprehensive immigration reform in this country and must work to find a realistic answer.

There are many national security imperatives facing lawmakers in the 112th Congress. Protecting America from possible terrorist attacks will remain at the top of my agenda, and I am determined to enact legislation that will prevent future attacks, support local law enforcement, and keep Americans safe.