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Congressman John Yarmuth

Representing the 3rd Congressional District of Kentucky


Agriculture is critical to Kentucky’s economy and way of life. Although Louisville is largely an urban area, it is a major hub of agricultural distribution and is home to more than 500 farmers.

Congressman Yarmuth visits with members of the Kentucky Farm Bureau

I believe we need to protect our family farms and ensure they have the resources needed to continue production, especially during natural disasters with disaster assistance programs. We should also continue to encourage conservation through agricultural programs and tax incentives.

Farmers have a unique opportunity to contribute to our energy portfolio as Congress continues to emphasize renewable fuels and biofuels. By focusing on emerging technologies, we can work to ensure that clean, renewable, American energy sources are economically feasible and widely available, and farmers will play a critical role.

I am proud to have supported efforts that provide funding for important conservation and energy programs, as well as university research and state cooperative extension programs. I am committed to strengthening Kentucky’s family farmers and ensuring they can continue to thrive in the critical work that they do.