Congressman Yarmuth's 2017 Art Competition

Welcome to the 2017 Congressional Art Competition. Since 1982, Members of the U.S. House of Representatives have hosted the annual Competition, which enables high-school students from across the nation to demonstrate their artistic talents before a global audience. 

Earlier this year, students from Louisville high schools were invited to submit artwork for this year's Community Choice Competition. The winning piece will be displayed in Congressman Yarmuth's District Office for one year. 

Voting for this year's competition has ended.

The winner of this year's National Competition is Louisville Male senior Yasmine Goodner, for her work entitled "Voiceless."

Voiceless, Yasmine Goodner

The winner of this year's Community Choice Competition is Central senior Nhan Phan, for her work entitled "Window to the Soul."

Window to the Soul, Nhan Phan

Click on the images below to see larger versions of all of this year's submissions:

Congressman Yarmuth's 2017 Art Competition