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Water Resources Development Act Requests

The Water Resources Development Act is the comprehensive federal water resources law, typically authorized every two years. Specifically, WRDA authorizes studies and projects within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers mission areas, including navigation, flood damage reduction, hurricane and storm damage reduciton, shoreline protection, and environmental restoration.

Now, Congress is developing a Water Resources Development Act for the 111th Congress to address new project studies and authorizations that have arisen over the past two years.

Congressman Yarmuth submitted the following project requests for the forthcoming reauthorization (listed in alphabetical order by project ):

Billtown Road Interceptor - $4,400,000 for construction of interceptors in the South Chenoweth Run and Cedar Creek basins, and improvement of sanitary sewer service in the surrounding area.

Metropolitan Louisville, Southwest Louisville - $1,800,000 for flood risk management design and construction to reduce flood damages in the highly urbanized Southwest Louisville flood plain area, including the main campus of the University of Louisville and the Churchill Downs neighborhood.

Pond and Mill Creek Trail - $500,000 for planning and design services to connect the Pond Creek and Mill Creek corridors to the Jefferson Memorial Forest and the Ohio River Levee Trail.