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Requests Made to Congressman Yarmuth’s Office

The federal fiscal year begins on October 1st. Our staff begins working on the budget a year in advance.  Therefore, requests for Fiscal Year 2011 should be made to my office as soon as possible, but no later than February 12, 2010. You are also encouraged to make your request for assistance to the Senate offices.  Please contact their offices directly to determine how they handle such requests. 

Requests must be made in writing to Congressman Yarmuth and signed by the appropriate executive of your organization or municipality. We welcome supporting material.  If appropriate, please include with your letter a feasibility study, photographs or maps of the impacted area, and information indicating any community support for the project.  We may also ask you to fill out a questionnaire which the Appropriations Committee requires.  Because this request often comes with very little turn-around time, your cooperation in filling it out quickly is needed.

Please send your requests and supporting documents via email to:


*** Please be aware that due to new House rules, information about appropriations requests may be made public on the Congressman’s website.   This information may include organization name, project, amount requested, and justification for using federal funds to support the project. ***

Click Here to Download the Full Appropriations Packet, including checklist and questionnaire (PDF File)