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Yarmuth Introduces Bill to Honor Career of Louisville Native and Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis




( Washington, DC ) Yesterday, Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) introduced H. Res. 905, legislation recognizing the career of Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis on the occasion of the 70 th anniversary of his retirement from the Court.

“From the right to privacy to free speech to worker’s rights and women’s rights, the legacy of Justice Louis D. Brandeis as a jurist and litigator is reflected not just in our courtrooms and law books, but in the endurance of the principles and protections of American democracy,” said Congressman Yarmuth.

Born in Louisville in 1856, Brandeis was a distinguished author, philanthropist, litigator, and jurist. As an attorney, he led the fight to dismantle sprawling corporate monopolies and won cases protecting the rights of workers.

President Woodrow Wilson nominated Brandeis to a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court in 1916, where he served until 1939. During his tenure on the Court, he authored prominent legal opinions in landmark freedom of speech cases and contributed significantly to the protection of the right to privacy.

Brandeis was also a long-time supporter of the University of Louisville , and in 1997, the University’s School of Law was re-named in his honor.

To read the text of Congressman Yarmuth’s legislation, click here: :