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Community Priorities/Project Requests for Six-Year Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill

Big Four Bridge

This project will enable Kentucky to complete rehabilitation of the Big Four Bridge into a mixed-use pedestrian bridge connecting Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. By providing pedestrians and bicyclists with an alternative route to travel safely between the two states, this project will serve as a major attraction, encouraging continued growth and development along each state’s waterfront.

Crittenden Drive: Realignment near Louisville International Airport

Realignment of the 7,600 feet portion of Crittenden Drive from I-264 Watterson Expressway to the CSX railroad will enable Louisville International Airport to expand its airfield related commercial activities through completion of a parallel taxiway. This will provide the airport with direct access to a former BRAC site that includes approximately 70 acres of vacant land suitable for airport development.

Dixie and Preston Highways: Establishment of Bus Rapid Transit

This project will increase the use of public transportation on two major corridors; Preston Highway (state road 61) and Dixie Highway (US 60) from the central business district in Louisville to the county line. Project activities include planning, design, implementation, and deployment of a rapid bus transportation system, traffic light improvements and more efficient bus stops.

Louisville Metro Signal Synchronization

This project will fund the first half of a project to integrate Louisville Metro's 592 traffic signals with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's 350 traffic signals into a county-wide Advanced Traffic Management System. Through congestion management strategies, this system will product metro-wide benefits, including the minimization of stops, delays, fuel consumption and air pollution emissions and the maximization of the traffic progression through the system along with enhancing safety. 

Ohio River Bridges Project

This project will improve cross river mobility in the Louisville Metropolitan Area by reconstructing the Kennedy Interchange where I-65, I-71 and I-64 merge, constructing a new downtown bridge adjacent to the existing Kennedy Bridge to serve northbound I-65 traffic, and constructing an east end bridge with an extension of I-265 that completes the Gene Snyder Freeway connection on the east side of the Louisville Metropolitan Area.

Rehl Road Interchange: Design and Alignment

Preliminary design and alignment for a new interchange. This request will cover the initial steps needed before construction can take place. Total project cost will be $24 million for construction. There are two major business parks in the area, with surrounding roads that already cannot handle the amount of traffic that results from the large numbers of employees (approximately 10,000). With undeveloped land nearby, that is ripe zoned for business development. This area is ready for considerable investment and job growth.

Riverport Railroad Rehabilitation Project

Louisville & Jefferson County Riverport Authority publicly own the railroad track and rights of way (KRS 65-510) that help more than 100 businesses ship their products to and from the region. The Riverport Railroad Rehabilitation Project will replace approximately 75 percent to 80 percent of the railroad crossties on more than 13 miles of lead track and an intermodal loop track, as well as rehabilitating roadway crossings, roadway bridges and minor rail defects.

Southwest Louisville Loop

This project will design and construct the final 28 miles along the 100 mile Louisville Loop; a shared use bicycle and pedestrian path around the city. This 28 mile section will connect the Ohio River Levee Trail to McNeely Lake Park, including the Riverport and Renaissance Zone with potential access to Ford Motor Plant, LIA/Standiford Field and Fort Knox. Approximately 40,000 people live within a 1/2 mile of the proposed Southern segment of the Loop.

Stansbury Park: Transportation Improvements and Redevelopment

This project will rehabilitate Stansbury Park, a Metro Park facility located just outside the entrance of the University of Louisville, and improve transportation in the surrounding areas. This rehabilitation will include shared use paths, a bicycle transit station, lighting, traffic light and safety improvements, and expansion of parking. The park connects to three parkways with new complete streets initiatives underway that will ensure easy pedestrian and bicycle access for the community.

Third & Fourth Street Railroad Underpasses: Repair

This project will reconstruct three substandard railroad underpasses on Third and Fourth Streets near the University of Louisville to prevent the frequent traffic snarls that occur when trucks fail to make clearance. All three railroad underpasses exhibit substandard clearance ranging from 11'6" to 12'0". Since Third and Fourth Streets serve as primary corridors between downtown and southern Louisville, these traffic jams cause significant disruption for local businesses, the university, and surrounding neighborhoods.

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