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Congressman John Yarmuth

Representing the 3rd Congressional District of Kentucky

2021 Congressional Art Competition Gallery

Apples (Painting)
National Winner of the 2021 Congressional Art Competition

Seeing Double (Photograph)
Community Choice Winner of the 2021 Congressional Art Competition

Majesty of the Sea (Photography)

Lost at Sea (Computer Graphic)

Elusive Gastropod (Drawing)

Red Delicious (Painting)

Eye of the Tiger (Photography)

flower (Photography)

Alice (Painting)

A Walk in the Park (Photography)

Ocean Eyes (Drawing)

Resevoir (Photography)

The Polo Barn (Photography)

Change in the World (Painting)

Ball Bridge (Photography)

The Sun Shines Bright (Photography)

Shroom Canyon (Painting)

Reaching For Life (Drawing)

Flood of the Kelpy (Drawing)

Haunting Memories (Drawing)

The Hands of Life and Death (Photography)

My Old Kentucky Boots (Drawing)

See you Later (Photography)

The Kitchen Hands (Photography)

Say Her Name (Photography)

Rehabilitate the World (Computer Graphic)

everyone TOGETHER (Computer Graphic)

Trotting to Victory (Photography)

Through the Looking Glass (Photography)

This is Me (Photography)

Bear (Photography)

Freddie (Photography)

Angelic (Photography)

Two Faced (Photography)