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Catholic Conference of Kentucky Endorses the Yarmuth Tax Cut

(Louisville, KY) This weekend, Father Pat Delahanty, Associate Director of Catholic Conference of Kentucky made the following statement in support of Congressman John Yarmuth's tax cut for 7.5 million American workers.

"The catholic conference of Kentucky welcomes this opportunity to endorse legislation that will improve the lives of low income childless workers by increasing the income they will have at their disposal by lowering their tax obligations through the Earned Income Tax Credit.  This modification of the EITC is in line with the request made in May 2007 by the US Conference if Catholic Bishops.

"This proposed legislation is also an example of the type of policy change called for by the Catholic Charities USA which has launched a multiyear initiative to cut the US poverty rate in half by 2020.  This Campaign is urging Congress and the Administration to improve programs and policies in the key areas of healthcare, affordable housing, nutrition assistance, and economic security for the poor and vulnerable. Passage of this legislation will improve economic security for many poor and vulnerable childless workers in our nation and our state.

"Our catholic faith calls on us to measure public policy decisions by whether they enhance or undermine the lives of those most in need.  This legislation will enhance their lives and we endorse it. It is our hope that every House member of Kentucky delegation will co-sponsor this bill and that, when passed in the House, it receives the support of both Kentucky senators."