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Chairman Yarmuth: "Economic experts across the ideological spectrum agree - we need more relief"

Washington, D.C.— Today, the House Budget Committee released a report highlighting statements from economic experts across the ideological spectrum on the urgent need for additional federal COVID relief. The report offers a thorough rebuke of Republican fearmongering around the federal debt and calls out GOP efforts to block aid to American families, communities, and small businesses as counterproductive and detrimental to recovery efforts.

“Since Republicans refused to pass the Heroes Act back in May, eight million more Americans have fallen below the poverty line, a third of families with children are suffering from food insecurity, and the unemployment rate remains at record highs,” said House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth. “Yet Senate Republicans continue to hide behind bogus debt arguments to deny families and communities the help they desperately need. Economic experts across the ideological spectrum agree - we need more relief, we need it now, and we have ample fiscal space to provide what is necessary. Enacting a relief package that truly meets our nation’s needs would speed up our economic recovery by years and deliver the aid American families need to survive this crisis.”

The expiration of key CARES Act provisions and abrupt cutoff of support caused by GOP inaction has been detrimental to Americans’ health and economic security and has put a strain on our recovery. It is imperative that we enact the updated Heroes Act, which includes crucial federal COVID relief that Americans need to avoid eviction, feed their families, and pay the bills, support for testing, tracing, and treatment to defeat the coronavirus, relief for state and local governments, and more.

Text of the report can be found here.


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