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Hearing: Personal Health Information More Secure Under ACA

WASHINGTON – During a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing on the Affordable Care Act yesterday, Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) questioned Deputy Chief Information Officer Henry Chao of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services about the security of users' personal information on the new health insurance exchanges.

Chao explained that Americans' personal health information is far more secure under the new law than it was in the old insurance system:


Rep. Yarmuth:Are people who are working with the exchange now subject to or vulnerable to more breach of their privacy than they were under the prior system, when the insurance companies had pages and pages and pages of health information, including every doctor they had ever visited, every prescription they had ever taken, every medical procedure they had undergone over a certain period of time? Would you say there was much more vulnerability under that system than there would be under the federal exchange?

Mr. Chao:Much more so, because so much more personal information – including health information – was involved in that process.



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