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House Bans For-Profit Earmarks

(Washington, DC) Today, Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) released the following statement in response to a decision by the House Appropriations Committee to not approve requests for earmarks directed to corporations and other for-profit entities this year:

“I strongly support this policy change, which is why I implemented it for my own Congressional Office in 2008. I believe that Members of Congress - not just agency bureaucrats in Washington – should have a say in how federal funding is allocated in their Congressional District. However, assuming this responsibility means we must make sure taxpayer funds are not being used to pad a corporation’s bottom line, but are being used to support valuable public services, protect our citizens, improve our schools, and improve our infrastructure.”

The House Appropriations Committee estimated that if a similar rule were in effect last year, 1,000 fewer earmarks would have been approved.  The Committee also announced it would establish an online website where all House Members’ earmark requests would be easily viewable.

For more on the decision by the Committee on Appropriations, click here.

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