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House Passes Yarmuth's Resolution Commemorating 125th Anniversary of Louisville Slugger



( Louisville, KY ) Today, the House of Representatives approved H.Res. 314, a resolution sponsored by Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) to honor the 125 th Anniversary of the production of Hillerich & Bradsby’s Louisville Slugger baseball bats.


“This resolution is a commemoration of the legacy of the Louisville Slugger, but also the success of Hillerich & Bradsby, a company that remains committed to Louisville after 125 years. That commitment translates into a lasting impact in our region, with the jobs the company creates at its factory and museum, and the economic benefit that comes from the thousands of visitors who travel to Louisville every year to see the place where the Slugger is made,” said Congressman Yarmuth in remarks on the floor. “Louisvillians take great pride in the fact that the Slugger is created right in our own backyard. And all of us should take great pride in a company that was built 125 years ago on the American spirit of entrepreneurship and is itself now one of our great American icons.”


Over 100 million Louisville Sluggers have been sold by Hillerich & Bradsby since the company first began production of baseball bats in 1884, when 17-year old Bud Hillerich invited a slumping local baseball star to his father’s woodworking shop with the promise of a new handcrafted bat. After the player collected three hits the next day, Hillerich’s woodshop shortly transitioned from making stair rails and butter churns to bats, full-time.


Since then, 80 percent of the members of baseball’s hall of fame have swung Louisville Sluggers, including Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Stan Musial, Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson, Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron, and Louisville’s own Pee Wee Reese. 60 percent of current players use Louisville Sluggers – the official bat of the Major League Baseball.


Hillerich & Bradsby employs 200 Louisvillians at their downtown factory and museum, and the economic impact of their operation is boosted by thousands of yearly visitors to their facility.


Congressman Yarmuth’s resolution passed under a suspension of House rules and was cosponsored by a bipartisan group of 102 fellow legislators.


Video of Congressman Yarmuth’s Floor Speech on the Resolution Can be Found Here: