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Rep. Yarmuth Blasts Trump Emergency Declaration's Potential Impact on Kentucky on MSNBC's Morning Joe

WASHINGTON– This morning, House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth (KY-3) joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss the latest on President Trump’s bogus national emergency declaration and its potential impact on military families and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Yarmuth also responded to Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) remarks from the weekend that it would be “better” for kids in Kentucky to have a border wall than a newly constructed school.


[0:15] – “Kentucky used to be a border state, but that was during the Civil War. Kentucky’s no longer a border state and what we’re talking about here is not just schools… these are military families. These are the kids of our soldiers, probably some of whom are at the border right now enforcing Donald Trump’s fallacious strategy.”

[0:41] – “We have more of an emergency in Kentucky right now—with our farm community, with our thoroughbred industry—in getting workers. We want immigrant workers in this country, because right now we can’t find enough. So these priorities are just totally misplaced.”

[0:56] –“We saw just last week stories about military families living in horrible housing, rat-infested with mold and all of these things, and to me that’s more of an emergency that we take care of our military families.”

[1:48] – “I wish [Sen. Lindsey Graham] would channel his old friend John McCain and talk about the importance of making sure that we treat our military families with the greatest attention and respect. This is one of the top priorities of the country.”

[2:30] – “With a lot of Republicans these days, hypocrisy is not a sin, it’s a strategy.”

[3:04] – “I think we do have a health care crisis in our Commonwealth. We did one of the best jobs of implementing the Affordable Care Act, and our Governor now is trying to back track on all of that and take health care away from many of our citizens. We still have an education crisis in our Commonwealth. We have a lot of kids who are starting their educational careers so far behind. We need to really focus on early childhood education or we’re going to lose generations of young people whom we will desperately need to keep our country moving, to provide a tax base. I’m much more concerned about those issues right now than I am about people [at the border] trying to escape from desperate circumstances and trying to find a better life in the United States.”

[4:28] – “We have a lot of small towns, many in Eastern Kentucky, that have suffered because of the demise of the coal industry. [Trump] promised to revive coal. He’s never going to revive coal, but he sold a lot of people on that.”