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Rep. Yarmuth Statement on Senate Republicans' Iran Letter

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) issued the following statement on Senate Republicans’ Iran letter:

“No matter who it may be or what political party they belong to, the President of the United States holds the prime responsibility for the conduct of U.S. foreign relations. This unprecedented and foolish ploy by Senate Republicans not only undermines President Obama’s authority, but also his leverage as these important talks continue. This improper injection of politics into a serious nuclear negotiation involving six world powers is both reckless and counterproductive, the sad result of having an entire Senate caucus running for President without respecting the very office they hope to one day hold. Politics should stop at our water’s edge, and the 47 Senators who signed this letter should be embarrassed of the new lows reached by their contemptible actions.”


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