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Secretary Chu and Congressman John Yarmuth Highlight Kentucky Clean Energy Manufacturing Project

WASHINGTON DC – U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu joined with U.S. Representative John Yarmuth (KY-3) to announce that General Electric’s Appliance Park in Louisville, Kentucky, which manufactures energy efficient home appliances, was highlighted in a new report released by Vice President Joe Biden, “100 Recovery Act Projects that are Changing America.”  The report highlights some of the most innovative and effective Recovery Act projects across the country that are putting people back to work now, while helping to transform our economy for years to come.  The report can be viewed in full HERE.


“With Recovery Act projects like these, we’re starting to turn the page on a decade of failed economic policies and rebuild our economy on a new foundation that creates good middle class jobs for American families,” said Vice President Biden.  “And we’re not engineering this transformation alone – Recovery Act projects like these are drawing billions in private capital off the sidelines to help recharge our economy.”


“Our investments in clean energy are playing a major role in rebuilding U.S. manufacturing capacity and creating jobs here in America,” said Secretary Chu.  “GE’s Appliance Park is a great example of how clean energy investments can boost the local economy and help the environment while helping families and businesses save money on their utility bills.”


“Right here in Louisville, the investments of the Recovery Act and our collaboration with the forward-thinking innovators at GE are creating hundreds of good-paying jobs,” said Congressman Yarmuth (KY-3). “With our continued commitment and partnership to support American manufacturing, I am confident hundreds more will follow.”


“We were glad to share with the Vice President during his June 28 visit, our plans to manufacture three new products here at Appliance Park in Louisville.  We project that over 800 jobs will be added as a result of the $600 million investment,” said Jim Campbell, President and CEO of GE Appliances & Lighting.  “The support that our ‘green’ manufacturing projects received in the form of Recovery Act investment tax credits has allowed us to consider additional projects that offer the potential of more jobs.   The ‘Revitalizing American Manufacturing Act’ that Congressman Yarmuth has introduced will also help job preservation and creation in the appliances industry.”


Supported by $24.8 million in Recovery Act funds through a 48C Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit from the Department of Treasury, General Electric is investing $600 million into its Appliance Park facility to expand manufacturing of energy efficient home appliances. With these funds, GE will bring the production of one of its lines back from China, and plans to add 800 new jobs through 2013. Already, according to GE, more than 135 new employees have been hired – a literal example of “in-sourcing” production.  


"Congressman John Yarmuth's support of clean energy legislation preserved hundreds of jobs for our members and will create hundreds of new jobs for the people in this community," said Jerry Carney, President of IUE-CWA Local 83761.  "Our union is working with GE to bring back jobs that were outsourced overseas decades ago.  The Recovery Act investment tax credits are helping to make this a reality.   I personally appreciate Congressman Yarmuth's efforts in enacting and fighting for continuation of this investment in the future of American manufacturing jobs."


About 3 million Americans are on the job nationwide on Recovery Act projects like the ones in the Vice President’s report.  Projects like these are not only creating jobs now, but are also changing the American economy to make us stronger and more competitive as a nation for years to come.  Together, they are conducting cutting edge research, rebuilding our nation’s roads and bridges, growing small businesses, re-opening and re-inventing factories – and changing the American economy to make us stronger and more competitive as a nation.