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Statement on Labor Day

Congressman Yarmuth released the following statement to mark Labor Day:

Labor Day is an opportunity to honor the hardworking men and women who helped lay the foundation of American prosperity while we also recognize those who work hard every day to keep our nation and our economy strong. In Louisville and across the nation, workers determine our course for the future -- how we innovate, produce, and ultimately succeed. While some in Washington continue efforts to undermine organized labor and the American workforce, I remain committed to ensuring that every man and woman on the job has access to the protections they need, the benefits to which they are entitled, and the wages they deserve. Whether it is by raising the minimum wage to a living wage, guaranteeing equal pay for women in the workplace, protecting collective bargaining rights, or continuing the federal investments that have positioned Louisville on the leading edge of advanced manufacturing, supporting American workers will keep our nation at the forefront of the global economy.