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Statement on Veterans Day

LOUISVILLE – Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) issued the following statement marking Veterans Day:

“Each Veterans Day, we come together to honor those who have sacrificed for our nation’s defense, democracy, and prosperity. We step aside from our everyday lives to reflect on and thank all those who make our nation strong. And we are reminded of the obligations we have to our nation’s veterans and their families, whose immense sacrifices should never be underappreciated.

“There are more than 22 million veterans in the United States, and nearly 340,000 in our Commonwealth. As we wind down our commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands more are returning home – to loving families, grateful neighbors, and a difficult economy.

“Each one of them honored their commitments to our country, and we must keep ours to them – whether that’s ensuring access to high-quality health care and higher education or job training and the opportunity to pursue a rewarding career.

“After fighting for us overseas, no veteran should have to fight for a job here at home. No veteran or their family should go without a roof over their head. No veteran or their family should have to worry about where their next meal will come from.

“I am proud to be an ally of Louisville’s veterans in Congress, and I will continue fighting to make these priorities a reality for all our veterans and their families.”