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Supreme Court Misses Opportunity to Re-examine Citizens United Decision.

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) issued the following statement on the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse a Montana court’s ruling in American Tradition Partnership, Inc. v. Bullock, to maintain the state’s ban on corporate campaign contributions. The case had major implications for the future of the Court’s Citizens United decision, which struck down key provisions of federal election law, allowing corporations to spend general treasury funds for communications that advocate for the election or defeat of a specific candidate:

“The disastrous Citizens United decision opened the floodgates for special-interest influence in Washington, and I am dismayed that the Supreme Court didn’t take this opportunity with the Montana case to reconsider it – especially now that we’re seeing the damage it is causing to our democracy,” Yarmuth said. “Super PACs have spent more than $100 million in campaigns so far this year, and they aren’t spending millions for a stronger government that better serves the American people. They’re trying to buy our government for their own special interests.”

In December 2011, Yarmuth introduced a Constitutional amendment to overturn a key provision of Citizens United. The amendment establishes that financial expenditures and in-kind contributions do not qualify as protected speech under the First Amendment. It also enables Congress to establish a public financing system that would serve as the sole source of funding for federal elections.

“Until we get the big money out of politics, we will never be able to responsibly address the major issues facing American families,” Yarmuth said at the time.

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