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Yarmuth Announces $650,000 for Louisville Law Enforcement, Education, At-Risk Youth


Yarmuth’s total secured for local projects this year now more than $50 million

(Washington, DC) Today, the U.S. House of Representatives approved the FY08 Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations bill, including requests five Louisville projects from Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3).

“Because of the effectiveness of organizations in our community, Louisville has established itself as a national leader in our  efforts to help disadvantaged youth,” Congressman Yarmuth said of the four programs that work with at-risk youth.  “By supporting their dedicated work, we can ensure that all Louisville kids from have the chance to succeed and overcome their obstacles to success.”

Yarmuth also secured funds for the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department (LMPD) to replace their outdated mobile data computers.  “We appreciate Congressman Yarmuth’s leadership in helping secure these funds for the Louisville Metro Police Department,” Chief Robert C. White said.  “These mobile data terminals help take our street response to the next level by utilizing the latest technology and software to keep our officers and our community safe.”

Yarmuth added that the Louisville Science Center, which is set to receive $50,000, “sets a nationwide example of how to engage children in math and science and help give them the skills to succeed later in life.”

“We greatly appreciate the support of Congressman John Yarmuth in securing this appropriation for the Louisville Science Center,” said Joan Coleman, Science Center board chair.  “Informal science education is key to engaging young people in math and science, and the hands-on programs offered in our new Science Education Wing will enable the Science Center to improve science and math literacy throughout Kentucky.”

The Commerce-Justice Science Appropriations bill was approved by the House of Representatives today.  Once the Senate passes its version of the bill, the differences will be worked out in conference committee.  The final conference report must then be approved by Congress before it can be signed into law.  Louisville’s included projects are detailed below.  

$492,000 – Louisville Metropolitan Police Department Mobile Data Computers
LMPD will use this funding to replace mobile data computers that are outdated and unable to be repaired.  LMPD depends heavily on these machines, but the dated models have been failing and are not compatible or upgradeable to use with current programs.  The funding will be used to support the continuation of this replacement program which is already underway.

$211,500 – Youth Safety Awareness Initiative
National Safe Place, headquartered and founded in Louisville, is a youth outreach program that operates at the community level nationwide to provide safe havens and resources for youth in crisis.   The Safe Place program has been replicated by 140 agencies in 700 communities.   This funding will be used to increase at-risk children and teens’ awareness of services through Safe Place and encourage them to make safety a priority.  A comprehensive awareness campaign that will include public service spots, with a youth-friendly celebrity delivering the message that seeking help is a better solution to problems than running away. Billboards will be designed, produced and strategically placed, reinforcing the same message and brochures focusing on key youth safety issues including Internet Safety, dating violence, personal safety and related issues will be produced.  The campaign will be launched in Louisville.

$141,000 – Bates Memorial
The Bates Community Development Corporation is dedicated to providing a wide range of community development activities and social services to advance community life in the Smoketown area.  This funding will be used to support educational resources for at-risk youth and their families in order to prevent minors from pursuing destructive and criminal activities.

$47,000 – Boy’s Haven Life Skills Program
Boys’ Haven is a private non-profit agency dedicated to serving abused, homeless and struggling youth and families in the Louisville metropolitan area.  This funding will be used for their Life Skills Community Center.  This center will serve Kentucky’s most neglected and at-risk youth, providing counseling, consultation and assessment, medical and nursing services, family reunification services, mentoring, case management, staff training, clinical supervision of therapists, and foster care services.  

$47,000 – Louisville Science Center Education Program
This funding, along with $150,000 secured Energy and Water Appropriations, will support the development of the science center’s hands-on science and math education programs, presentations, and labs for delivery in a new Science Education Wing. The new resources will focus on math, physical science, chemistry, engineering; biology, health and life sciences; and natural, earth, space and environmental sciences. The programs will be delivered to pre-k through 12 students, teachers, and families.

$47,000 – Maryhurst - Residential Care Consortium for At-Risk Youth
Maryhurst is the Kentucky member of Residential Care Consortium (RCC), a national organization of multi-service agencies for youth that work to advance the interests of underprivileged, at-risk, and disadvantaged children, young adults, and their families.  The funding will be used to fund staff training and retention efforts at Maryhurst’s residential care facilities.