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Yarmuth Calls on President to Adopt More Responsible Iraq Policy

(Washington, DC)  Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) joined with 18 freshman Members of the House of Representatives in sending a letter to President Bush calling for a more responsible policy for dealing with the escalating conflict in Iraq.

"This is the plan I've been talking about for more than a year," Yarmuth said.  "The Iraq Study Group supports it and the American people made their feelings known on election day.  We're asking for the President to stop ignoring the will of the people and act."

The proposal agrees with Baker/Hamilton assessment that Iraq is currently engaged in civil war.  While not supporting an immediate disengagement, the letter asserts that "It is not the job of the American military, nor should it be the burden of the American taxpayer, to referee and finance a sectarian civil war."

The plan calls for a redeployment of troops by March 2008 at the latest, citing that America has already achieved its military objective by toppling Saddam Hussein and creating the means for Iraqi citizens to democratically elect a new government.

The third component of the plan calls on the President to fund the war through proper channels, rather than through emergency supplemental bills.  Of the $378 billion the government has allotted to the war in Iraq, over 90 percent has come by way of emergency appropriations bills.  By funding the war through emergency spending measures, the President bypasses Congressional oversight.

The plan also reinforces support for the troops and challenges President Bush to provide them with what they are entitled to, including "...sound public policy with a sensible mission that strengthens America's security interests."

 "We will continue to support the troops and pressure the President until he takes action and does what is so clearly necessary for our troops, our national security, and the stability of Iraq," said Congressman Yarmuth, who will address the House of Representatives next week, endorsing a resolution opposing President Bush's escalation plan.