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Yarmuth Issues Statement Following his Questioning of Secretary Rice

As part of an ongoing investigation into the problems in Iraq— including the impact of Blackwater USA, corruption within the Iraqi ministries, and the prospects of political reconciliation— Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) questioned Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as part of an Oversight & Government Reform hearing [audio clip HERE].  

After the hearing, Congressman Yarmuth made the following statement [audio available HERE].

“One of the problems that we’ve faced in this country is: the Administration has refused to level with the American people about the situation on the ground in Iraq.  Today’s admission, that there is wide spread corruption there, is a step in the right direction, but it comes after four years of stone-walling, and I hope that we’re going to see true candor and true honesty coming from this Administration as we move forward.”

Response to Sec. Rice (10/25/0712:59 PMET )
Sec. Rice and Yarmuth (10/25/0712:58 PMET )
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