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Yarmuth Named "Outstanding New Member"

Other Award Recipients Include Former Presidents Clinton and Bush

(Washington, DC) The Committee for Education Funding (CEF), a nonprofit and nonpartisan coalition of over 100 organizations reflecting the broad spectrum of the education community, announced today that they will honor Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) with the “Outstanding New Member” award for 2007.

“During this 110th Congress, first year Representative John Yarmuth clearly distinguished himself as an advocate for education funding and we are proud to recognize him,” said Ed Kealy, Executive Director of the Committee for Education Funding.

Yarmuth introduced several key education measures in his first seven months, including:
  • The Striving Readers Act, which the First Lady endorsed as a key way to promote teenage literacy.
  • An amendment to the College Cost Reduction Act that offers $1,000 a year in loan forgiveness for public servants.
  • The reauthorization and expansion of Even Start.
  • The Empowering Children with Autism through Education Act to guarantee a top notch education for students affected with autism. 

Yarmuth has a number of other education programs in the works and has been instrumental in the reform of No Child Left Behind.

“CEF and its member organizations do an excellent job leading the way on the education issues facing this country, and I am honored that they are pleased with my work so far,” Yarmuth said.  “We’ve got a lot more ahead of us, and I look forward to continuing to do all that I can to ensure that every American child has access to a quality education.”

CEF will also honor former Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush with “Charles Wilson Lee Distinguished Citizen Awards” for their commitment to education in the years since they left office.

CEF will present the awards at its annual gala, September 20 in Washington.
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