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Yarmuth Secures More than $1 Million for Louisville Projects




( Washington, DC ) Yesterday, President Barack Obama signed the final versions of the FY2010 Energy and Water Appropriations Act and the FY2010 Homeland Security Appropriations Act, approving funding for five Louisville projects requested by Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3).


“I am thrilled to bring this critically-needed funding back to Louisville ,” said Congressman Yarmuth. “These investments will help protect Louisville families by supporting vital research and flood reduction measures while ensuring our first responders have the resources they need during times of emergency.”


Congressman Yarmuth’s requests in the final Energy and Water bill include $350,000 for a research facility for the Meteorology and Atmospheric Science Program at the University of Louisville . That facility would be used in partnership with the National Weather Service and the United Parcel Service.


` “We are very pleased with the funding secured by Congressman Yarmuth.   This will enable the University of Louisville to expand its research mission by joining with the National Weather Service and UPS to build a research facility in atmospheric science,” said Dr. James Ramsey, President of the University of Louisville . “As we have witnessed ourselves with the August flash flooding, Louisville lies in the path of super cell thunderstorms and severe weather.   That makes us vulnerable to a wide array of significant weather-related phenomena.   The funding for this research facility will have a direct impact on the safety of our community and its economic well-being."


$103,000 in funding to improve flood control in Louisville was also included in the Energy and Water Appropriations bill, as well as $97,000 to inspect the safety and soundness of completed Army Corps of Engineers projects.

"These worthy projects will help us reduce flooding and restore our natural environment, which improves the quality of life for all Louisville residents," Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson said.

$500,000 requested by Congressman Yarmuth for the purchase of emergency back-up generators for the Louisville Fire Department was also approved in the Homeland Security Appropriations Act. The funds will be used to support the fire department’s plan to purchase back-up power generators at 19 of the area’s 21 fire stations, as well as the department’s Automotive Services facility.


“Extreme weather that struck Louisville in the past year knocked out power at as many as nineteen of our city’s fire departments for several days,” said Congressman Yarmuth. “It’s vitally important that our brave first responders can rely on these back-up generators to protect our community during times of crisis.”


` FY10 Homeland Security Appropriations Projects


` $500,000 – Emergency Generators, Louisville-Metro Government.  This funding will be used to install emergency back-up power generators in 19 of the existing 21 fire stations and the Automotive Services facility. The funds will be for the equipment and installation of a generator at each facility.



` FY10 Energy and Water Appropriations Projects


` $350,000 – University of Louisville , Meteorology and Atmospheric Science Program.  This funding will be used to establish a research facility in atmospheric science in the Department of Physics and Astronomy that would be an integrated partnership between the University of Louisville , the local offices of the National Weather Service, and United Parcel Service. It would meet the growing need to expand the understanding of regional climatic changes through the use of modern modeling and forecasting methods associated with atmospheric studies and meteorology due to Louisville ’s strategic location.


` $103,000 – Army Corps of Engineers, Metropolitan Louisville , Mill Creek.  This feasibility study will provide detailed evaluation of the flood risks and flood damage reduction measures in the Mill Creek basin area of Louisville . 


` $97,000 – Army Corps of Engineers, Inspection of Completed Works.  This project will provide resources to inspect projects the Army Corps of Engineers oversees, and ensure the safety and soundness of Louisville ’s infrastructure.


` Army Corps of Engineers, Beargrass Creek and Eva Bandman Park Ecosystem Restoration, Louisville, Kentucky .  This project will restore the aquatic ecosystem along a stretch of Beargrass Creek, which has been degraded due to the channelization of the creek, the draining of natural wetlands, and the extensive urban development done in the upstream areas. 


` No specific amount of money has been appropriated because the Committee is allowing the ACOE to prioritize the account based on which localities can meet the matching requirements.

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