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Yarmuth Secures more than $45 Million for Louisville in Energy & Water Bill


Funds will be used for McAlpine Locks & Dam, Louisville Science Center, Flood Prevention

(Washington, DC) Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) announced today that Louisville will receive more than $45 million for projects he requested in the FY08 Energy and Water Appropriations bill.

 “Each downpour should not bring about fresh fears of flooding for Louisville families,” Congressman Yarmuth said.  “This funding will help ensure that  the residents of Shively, PRP, and other areas in the South and West Ends no longer face this regular and costly threat.”

Yarmuth added that the Louisville Science Center, which is set to receive $150,000, “sets a nationwide example of how to engage children in math and science and help give them the skills to succeed later in life.”

“We greatly appreciate the support of Congressman John Yarmuth in securing this appropriation for the Louisville Science Center,” said Joan Coleman, Science Center board chair.  “Informal science education is key to engaging young people in math and science, and the hands-on programs offered in our new Science Education Wing will enable the Science Center to improve science and math literacy throughout Kentucky.”

The Energy and Water Appropriations bill was approved by the House of Representatives today.  Louisville’s included projects are detailed below.  Once the Senate passes its version of the bill, the differences will be worked out in conference committee.  The final conference report must then be approved by Congress before it can be signed into law.

FY08 Energy and Water Appropriations Projects

$44,280,000 – McAlpine Locks and Dam
Funds will be used to help construct a 132,000 square feet lock and access bridge to Shippingport Island.  The $430 million project was scheduled for completion in January of 2009, but was underfunded in FY06, slowing construction and forcing 68 craft employees to be laid off.  This year’s appropriation will help get the project back on schedule.

$147,600 – Louisville Science Center
This funding will support the development of the science center’s hands-on science and math education programs, presentations, and labs for delivery in a new Science Education Wing. The new resources will focus on math, physical science, chemistry, engineering; biology, health and life sciences; and natural, earth, space and environmental sciences. The programs will be delivered to pre-k through 12 students, teachers, and families.

$96,432– Flood Damage Reduction Feasibility Study
In March, 1997, the area surrounding Churchill Downs, the University of Louisville, and much of Louisville’s West End experienced severe flooding, with damages exceeding $20 million and annual, residual costs over $22 million.  This study will evaluate detention basins, backflow preventors, and modifications to existing pump stations in order to then implement safeguards to prevent future flooding.

$145,632–Mill Creek Flood Risk Feasibility Study
About 3,300 homes and businesses in southwest Louisville, including Pleasure Ridge Park and Shively, are subject to massive flooding from the Ohio River as well as Mill Creek and its tributaries.  In 1988, MSD completed the Southwest Jefferson County Local Protection Project to protect the Mill Creek basin from Ohio River flooding; however, interior flooding in the Mill Creek basin continues to be a threat.  The Metro Louisville Mill Creek feasibility study will provide detailed evaluation of the flood risks, the alternatives identified in 1997, and other flood damage reduction measures.  These measures are expected to significantly reduce or eliminate damages to flood-prone properties in the Mill Creek basin.