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Congressman John Yarmuth

Representing the 3rd Congressional District of Kentucky

Yarmuth Statement Calling for the Removal of President Donald J. Trump

January 7, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) released the following statement calling for the removal of President Donald J. Trump from office:

“As I and many of my Democratic colleagues have long argued, Donald Trump is not only unfit for office he is a danger to our nation. As he showed yesterday, again and more clearly than ever before, every day that he remains in office is an unacceptable threat to our democracy and America’s place in the world. Therefore, I call on Vice President Pence and the Cabinet to remove Trump from office without delay.

“Let me be perfectly clear. I take no joy in this. While I was among the first Members to call for impeachment, I acted, then as now, with no thought for partisanship or past battles but for the future of our country. While it is true that Trump has just 13 days remaining in office, it took only one for him—with his supporters in Congress and in the streets—to turn a centuries-old ceremonial act into a violent, if pathetic, coup attempt that threatened American democracy, humiliated our nation on the world stage, and left four people dead.

“One more day in office is too many and a risk we should all now agree is not worth taking. With a pandemic taking thousands of lives each day and oppressive racism festering in our communities, I am committed to doing anything and everything legally possible to remove this threat to our nation from the presidency, whether by impeachment or the 25th amendment. I urge Vice President Pence, the president’s cabinet, and each of my colleagues to join me in doing what they know is right and necessary.”